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Sabio Systems’ Expectations/Tips for Success

Dress Policy
The dress policy for Sabio Systems field employees while on assignment is business casual, but might vary depending upon the customer’s work environment to which you are assigned. The following list provides a general guide with respect to articles of clothing that are not acceptable:

  • Halter tops, tube tops or muscle shirts
  • Strapless sun dresses or shirts
  • Shorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh
  • Shirts that bare the midriff/stomach or are low cut
  • Shirts with offensive slogans or profanity
  • Thong-type sandals (flip-flops)
  • Sweat suits, warm-up suits, sweat pants or leggings
  • Torn clothing
  • Hats
  • Tennis shoes, unless instructed

A field employee not abiding by the dress code may be asked to return home and change or leave for the day without pay by either a Sabio Systems representative or our client. Please let common sense prevail. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact LaSalle Network.

At Sabio Systems field employees are expected to maintain the utmost professionalism with their coworkers, supervisors, and customers at all times. Any behavior that is deemed unprofessional can be cause for termination. The following behaviors are prohibited in the workplace and can result in termination:

  • Excessive tardiness or absenteeism
  • Unauthorized overtime/extra hours
  • Failure to report to an assignment without notifying a Sabio Systems representative
  • Cell phone, Smartphone or other audible devices is prohibited in the workplace (including texting)
  • No personal phone calls. If you have an emergency and need to make a personal phone call, please ask a supervisor
  • Discussion of proprietary or confidential information (including hourly or annual salary and benefits offered to you)
  • Falsification of timecards or documents (Sabio Systems prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law)
  • Poor or slow productivity
  • Participating in activities that are unsafe to you or those around you
  • Possession of weapons or firearms
  • Soliciting for personal profit at the workplace
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • Aggressive or threatening behavior toward managers, coworkers or subordinates is prohibited
  • Failure to adapt to a company’s business environment or professional standards
  • Any form of gross negligence or behavior deemed unprofessional
  • Utilizing company property (including the Internet, e-mail and phones) for personal use
  • Viewing of offensive materials (including pornography) on company property, or sending of said materials to employees (permanent or temporary) of the company
  • Unauthorized removal of company property
  • Theft, profanity and gambling
  • Bringing personal items on company property (i.e.: clothing and personal pictures)

Any personal items left at a client site will be disposed of upon termination of an assignment. Sabio Systems is not responsible for picking up any personal items. Should you accept employment on your own or through means other than Sabio Systems, a standard two-week notice is expected.