COVID-19 Impact Survey

New Mexico Business Impact Survey

We are conducting a 2-minute, 11-question survey to see how New Mexico companies like yours are addressing business challenges associated with COVID-19. We will be providing the results to everyone who participates.

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Completing this survey is voluntary and will not collect any personal data that you do not provide yourself. 


1. What is the current status of your business? (Check all that apply)
2. Has your organization implemented a policy to reduce peer exposure?Deselect Answer
3. Have you excluded new workers or visitors from the workplace?Deselect Answer
4. Has your organization revised its benefits policies to cover employees in the event that they are barred from work sites or if business operations stop?Deselect Answer
5. Do you have plans to compensate both full-time and temporary employees if your organization closes during the pandemic?Deselect Answer
6. What are your organization's expectations for business recovery once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides?Deselect Answer
7. If and how long does your organization expect to see lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to staff and business operations?Deselect Answer
8. If your organization has laid off any employees, what percent of those employees do you plan on bringing back once COVID-19 subsides?Deselect Answer
9. Is your organization revisiting or reassessing how you on-board new temporary employees for the foreseeable future?Deselect Answer
10. How likely is it that you would reach out to Sabio Systems to help you with your staffing needs?Deselect Answer
11. What do you believe would be beneficial information to receive about temporary workers in regards to COVID-19?

Everyone at Sabio Systems greatly appreciates you taking a bit of time today to complete the New Mexico Business Impact Survey. Your answers will help us understand how COVID-19 is impacting the New Mexico job market so that we can help both employers and employees make informed decisions when it comes to hiring during these difficult times.

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