COVID-19 Impact Survey

Thank you for taking the time to take the Candidate Survey. We are hoping to gather information that will help us provide employment opportunities to those in need as well as see how COVID-19 has affected the employment market.

1. Has COVID-19 affected your working status?
2. What is your current status?
3. Prior to COVID-19, were you seeking other opportunities for employment?
4. Are you finding positions, like yours, available to apply to?
5. Would you be willing to accept work during the pandemic?
6. Are you currently open to a phone call from one of our recruiters to discuss new job opportunities?
7. Which job sourcing sites have you been using?
8. Have you been on interviews over the last 10 days?
9. If your employment has been interrupted are you interested in returning to that employer?
10. How would you rate your experience applying for unemployment?

Thank you for completing the survey. If you have requested one of our recruiters to contact you for employment opportunities you should hear from us shortly. For any questions you may contact our office by emailing or by calling (505)792-8604

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