In April 2020, Sabio Systems, an Albuquerque employment agency, created a survey to collect information about how COVID-19 affected New Mexico employees and employers. We sent this survey to our clients, employees, and contacts as well as making it publicly available online for anyone to fill out so that we could see how people and companies were needing to change their normal work habits to fit in the new normal that COVID-19 had created for us all.

We had received a plethora of responses from this survey and the data that we gathered was quite an eye-opener. The Sabio Systems COVID-19 survey results helped to shine a light on how employment has changed in the months that COVID-19 has been a reality.

What Did We Learn?

These surveys provided a lot of interesting information about the New Mexico workforce and how it was affected by COVID-19. The first thing to highlight is the very first question that employers had answered, “What is the current status of your business?”. Before diving into the results, it’s important to note that many of the clients we surveyed are what New Mexico had deemed “essential”, meaning that they were not forced to close their physical locations once the stay-at-home order was put into place.

Even with this being true we see that over 40% of the companies that answered our survey were transitioned into a remote work model. This data also showed that over 4% of companies had stated that their company was closed completely, at least temporarily.

The results showed us that there were twice as many respondents that had stopped all new employee hiring as there were companies that were still hiring, which may cause concern for future employment growth in New Mexico.

Another staggering result Sabio Systems received was to the question “Is your organization revisiting or reassessing how you onboard new temporary employees for the foreseeable future?”. Of the companies that had been surveyed, 84.62% of them answered this question as “Yes”. This would indicate that the majority of New Mexico companies were forced to find new solutions to tasks they had been performing for years or even decades. The process of onboarding new employees used to be very structured and consistent, but now because of COVID-19, employers are forced to find new ways to hire employees such as online onboarding. This has created an opportunity for growth among companies that offer online onboarding solutions and 3rd party human resources management firms.

Employee Responses

The results that Sabio Systems obtained from New Mexican employees provided an intimate look into the homes and lives of people just like you and I. These survey results helped us to visualize just how much COVID-19 has changed the working status of so many New Mexicans.

The first graph we want to highlight is the question of “What is your current status?”. At first glance, it appears that the majority of employees are still working full-time, but if you add the columns of furloughed, terminated, and laid off we start to see that a staggering 38.63% of New Mexico employees surveyed are no longer working due to the pandemic, and this number has undoubtedly increased since the survey was conducted.

Keeping in mind that this survey was conducted in April when everything was very new and unknown, it’s still interesting to see that of the people who completed the survey, 63.64% had stated that they were unable to find positions to apply to.

Part of this result will of course be due to the common issue of employees not knowing the best places or agencies that can help them find work; but it’s still a glimpse at the struggles New Mexicans are dealing with during this pandemic.

For this reason we are always looking for ways to help inform potential employees about services such as our Job Seekers or Sabio Career Gateway pages that they can utilize for free to help them find gainful employment.

View The Results

If you want to see more information about how COVID-19 has affected New Mexico employees and employers, the results that we have discussed here plus many more, are available online at the links below. You can view these pages to get more in-depth data about how New Mexicans have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also include links to where you can take these surveys yourself. Any new results we receive will be updated on the results pages.

If you know anyone who has been affected by the pandemic, please share these surveys with them. The more information Sabio Systems can obtain, the easier it will be to see how New Mexico has been affected, and how Sabio Systems can help to bring job growth back to our community. As a well known and respected staffing agency in Albuquerque New Mexico, it’s important for Sabio Systems to use its resources to continue making New Mexico the best place to live and work, one employer and one employee at a time.